About Us

The HEART Series was created by Dr. Charles Katzenberg, cardiologist with University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center and Edna Silva, Cardiac Rehabilitation RN and founder of the Tai Chi Center. The HEART Series is provided by the Foundation for Cardiovascular Health, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

The HEART Series has been offered for 22 years in the Tucson area. There have been hundreds of participants, many of whom have credited the program with life-saving changes in the quality and focus of their lives. The Series will empower you to make the changes you need to live a longer and healthier life.

The Heart Series was developed in 1993 by Edna Silva RN and Charles Katzenberg MD. Our program continues to evolve and change as we learn more about applying the powerful and positive effects of heart healthy lifestyles in the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease.

The Heart Series Mission Statement

We will teach the skills that will lead to health and happiness through the prevention and /or reduction of illness, hospitalizations, medications, and invasive medical procedures. The end result will be improvement in both quality and length of life.

Sample Series Schedule

Week 1

Risk Factor Assessment
Risk Factor Modification

Dr. Charles Katzenberg M.D.

Week 2

Nourishment for the Heart
Evidence for the impact of food on the heart

Dr. Katzenberg

Week 3

Navigating the Aisles
How labels conceal more than they reveal

Making Wise Choices

Edna Silva RN

Week 4

Heart Math
Evidence for improving the heart beat to beat variability through positive emotions


Dr. Katzenberg

Week 5

Creating Resiliency
Thriving not languishing through life

Kevin Corner M.S. Educator
Joan Vandertie M.S. Educator
Founders of 2 What End a company dedicated to creating products which develop critical thinkers and an ethical citizenry

Week 6

Exercise for a Lifetime
If this were a pill it would be a miracleLearn the nuts and bolts of heart healthy exercise for YOU

Jaimie Perkunas, Doctor of P.T.
Yoga instructor

Week 7

Let’s Move
Create and experience a Healthy Exercise Session

Dr. Katzenberg, Edna Silva and others

Week 8

An Ornish Hour
Experience the Program that proved coronary artery disease could be reversed

Edna Silva, R.N.

Week 9

Heart Medications
The role medicines play in keeping the heart healthy (what, why, and how)

Dr. Katzenberg

Week 10

Supplements and the Heart
Learn what nutrients may be depleted by your medications, and which may help the heart

Janelle White M.D.
Integrative medicine Specialist

Week 11

Communication’s Healing Qualities

Jack Spring
International trainer, Communication Specialist, Heart Disease survivor

Week 12

Creating Your Personal Plan
Beginning the Rest of Your Life

Dr. Katzenberg, Edna Silva R.N.

T’ai Chi is practiced at most sessions.

Relaxation and exercise CDs plus Happy Herbivore cookbook are included.