Frequently Asked Questions

Is it covered by insurance?

This is a self-pay program. If you have a financial hardship you may pay $100/ month. We are happy to discuss payment options with you.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

No. You are the master of your body and you alone decide to participate in this class.

Where are you located?

On the south side of Ina Rd between La Cananda and La Cholla (click to view location in Google Maps):

1711 W. Ina Rd
Tucson, AZ 85704

Can I miss a class?

Yes. Sometimes it is inevitable!

Can I make up missed classes?

Yes you can make it up at the next session.

Is there follow up?

Yes, we have an active Maintenance program. Participants can continue to learn and enjoy the support of others. The group meets once a month.

I don’t like to cook. Do I have to bring food?

You can make a cash donation or bring other items that are needed, such as table service.

I come from work. What can I bring to the potluck?

You can pick up items at Whole Foods, Urban Fresh, Sprouts or Trader Joe’s. Alternatively, you can get a veggie tray at most grocery stores.

Do I have to become vegetarian?

No. You are here to learn lifestyle choices that have been proven to improve health. We ask that for one meal per week during class you bring heart healthy vegan options only.

How will I know how to prepare the vegan food?

You will receive a cookbook, clear guidelines, and invaluable knowledge from each other and past participants.

What is biofeedback?

“Bio“ means life. Biofeedback denotes feedback from body processes such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, muscular activity and body temperature to name a few possibilities.

We use a program that uses the actual heart beat variability to help you learn how to place your heart in it most healthy state

Will we exercise?

We will practice T’ai Chi most of the twelve classes. Chair Yoga will be taught during one class. Another class will be devoted to a cardiovascular workout and teaching how to create a safe exercise session.