What people are saying about The Heart Series

Effective Techniques

I joined The Heart Series program in 1995 after undergoing two angioplasty procedures. Being a physician, I understood the medical aspects of my heart disease and started the program with some initial skepticism. I felt my experience in The Heart Series contributed greatly to my ability to deal with and manage my heart disease.

J.S., MD

Avoided Surgery

In 2002 my husband had a heart attack. I came to The Heart Series with my husband so I could support him. I soon discovered that I also had heart disease which was so severe that bypass surgery was recommended. I said NO! I met with Dr. Katzenberg and followed the program. I lost 45 pounds, my lipid profile improved, my heart collaterals are growing and I feel better than I have in years.


Lifted From Depression

After my heart attack, I was sure that my productive life had ended at age 60. I was depressed when I entered The Heart Series program. The education I received has given me confidence that I have considerable control over my life. I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in leading a healthier life whether or not they have heart disease.

M.D., PhD

Increased Support

Even though I had the support of my friends and family when I had a heart event, they did not fully understand what was happening with me both physically and emotionally. I needed the support of people who had experienced what I was encountering. Through The Heart Series I came in contact with men and women with heart disease and professional presenters. It is a safe and non-threatening environment to learn and practice a new healthier way of living.


Creating Hope & Saving Lives

I believe the program saved my life. Before, I was angry and frightened. Now, I have hope and can get on with my life. Without the program I would have been a lost soul. I thought I was dying with the disease… I was educated to the point that I could change my lifestyle. No more angina. Weight reduction 50 lbs.

D.K., 67 YOA

Tools For Healthy Living

The program definitely was informative and gave me a greater understanding of heart disease. In my opinion, it has prevented me from having another event. Highlights were nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction. It has been absolutely beneficial.

B.S., 61 YOA

Renewed Enthusiasm

When I enrolled in the program I had no idea what it would consist of. I am amazed at the information that has been brought to us. Dr. Katzenberg is so knowledgeable about nutrition and enthusiastic about it that I find myself listening, really listening… I find myself looking at labels more closely and knowing what I’m seeing so I can make better choices…


Healthy Habits For Everyone

The class on how to reverse heart disease should be a must for anyone with heart disease or anyone who hopes to prevent it. I went into the class thinking I knew quite a bit about diet, exercise, and how to avoid stress. My knowledge has been expanded tremendously. Dr. Katzenberg and Edna Silva are experts in their fields and have a wonderful way of imparting their knowledge to the class members…